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Gate Repair Experts

We are not just your go to company for your garage door service needs, but for your gate installation and repair needs as well.

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Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Repair Services

We keep the vans equipped and the teams organized and promise Garage Door Repair Services.

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

The most remarkable team for all services related to garage door springs

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Garage Door Openers can be installed in one day

The easiest to understand answers to your garage door repair and maintenance questions. Clearly explained! Learn how to deal with problems and how to pick the right garage door. Also find out why garage door service is crucial!

  • Why does the garage door open slightly?

    Such problems are usually attributed to faulty garage door springs. You can check whether the springs are damaged by disconnecting the electric opener and see if the door remains open at about mid-way. If they are broken, you can really tell just by looking at them. There might also be dents in the tracks.

  • How to choose the right garage door?

    Garage door replacement is tricky and difficult. You must take into account the dimensions of your garage and size of car, the climate of your location in Carlsbad, the mechanism and opener and try to choose a system with low garage door repair cost.

  • What should I not DO when cleaning the garage door?

    Before any garage door repair is done, it is important to first clean the door thoroughly. This makes it easier to inspect all nooks and crannies of your door and detect any damages a lot faster. Avoid using a pressure washer on your door and instead use a mild detergent solution. Avoid using cleaners that contain more than 0.5% of phosphates. Also, do not use cleansers or detergent solutions with bleach. Take note too that the cloth that you will use in wiping the surface should not be rough or hard because it can scratch the stylish acrylic glaze of the garage door. The experts at Carlsbad advise to avoid the use of solvent-based cleaners and window cleaning solutions in cleaning the door.

  • What do opener sensors do?

    In simple words, opener sensors detect obstacles which may come in the way of the door when it's closing down and this way they activate the reverse system, which stops the door, in order for the door to avoid crashing on someone. Since 1993 all openers embody these systems but these parts need regular maintenance since they are sensitive, yet crucial for your safety. Proceed with garage door sensors replacement if they are dysfunctional.

  • Why won’t my garage door close?

    The common causes of garage doors failing to close are usually related to the safety eyes. Safety eyes feature lights to illustrate whether they have been properly aligned. If the lights are blinking or flickering, it is an indication that they are misaligned. In cases of misalignment, the door may close sometimes but fail to close on other occasions. The safety eyes can also be affected by dirt and debris accumulating around them.  Check for any debris or any obstructions in the path of the door.

  • Is it OK to keep my old track when I replace my current garage door?

    It is highly recommended to replace your old track when you are also replacing your door. This is because each brand is designed for a specific track type. Also, it is quite inexpensive to replace your track. This is an assurance that your door system maintains the safety that you require.

  • Why the need for a garage door service?

    There are certain components of a garage door that cannot be simply repaired by the owner of the house. For example, the condition of the garage door springs should be taken into consideration. Loose springs may be dangerous towards the functionalities of the garage door. Preventative maintenance is very important in this situation.

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