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If you're looking for suggestions on how you can maintain your garage door and prevent it from experiencing needless malfunctions, then these tips can help. Remember to contact our experts if you find yourself in need of more professional advice.

This may sound obvious, but not something that most owners do. Going through all the literature and user manuals of your garage door parts such as the opener system is essential. This might come in handy in case you want to operate your garage door manually or need to troubleshoot the unit (in case it malfunctions).
Use a level to ensure that the tracks of your garage door are directly parallel to the floor. Even the slightest inclination can change the balance of your entire setup and can be a recipe for disaster. In case of misalignment, you should immediately seek the help of a professional garage door company.
Even though you carry out professional maintenance periodically, lubricating the moving parts of your garage door is a mandatory exercise. It helps in the smooth functioning of all the parts and extends the lifespan of your door. Of course, it’s important to know which parts should and more importantly shouldn’t be lubricated, as well as what the manufacturer’s recommendations are regarding lubricant type and routine maintenance.
Most homeowners disregard this to be unnecessary, but weather strips (found at the door panels) are important for the upkeep of your garage door. It plays a huge part in preventing vermin, insects, and other small objects like leaves from entering your garage. If it is cracked or chipped, you should replace it immediately.
The best way to do this is to only leave your remote somewhere high enough where your children won't be able to get to it. You can also keep it as part of your keychain, which will save you the trouble of having to look for it whenever you want to use your garage door. While we're on the subject, it's better to not leave your remote inside your car, as you'll be giving car thieves direct access to your home.

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