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Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Repair Services

Issues With Your Limit Settings

Your limit switch is an important component of your garage door. It informs your opener when to stop running. If the settings are not correctly set, you may find that the motor attempts to run even after the door has completely opened or shut. This can be remedied and adjusted by one of our specialists.

Noisy Or Loud Door Openers

Are you waking up your whole street in the morning simply by opening your garage door? Chain drive openers are notoriously noisy, particularly older models. However, chains that are loose, slack or vibrating can make even more unnecessary noise and should be checked. Further, an opener that has recently become loud may indicate that a problem within the motor gear of the unit. We can inspect your system and identify underlying issues before it fails completely. If you're using a chain drive unit, you may also wish to speak with one of our specialists about investing in a quieter screw or belt drive type.

Door Keeps Reversing

If your door starts opening and then reverses again, this is likely to be a problem with the safety sensors. These components, a requirement since 1993, are designed to ensure that the door stops and reopens again if something is in the door's path while it's in motion. Oftentimes, the sensors just need to be realigned or properly cleaned, which we can help you with.

Maintenance And Safety

As with most electro-mechanical systems, the majority of your garage door components won’t last forever and can be subject to wear and tear. However, keeping up with maintenance can help to increase their lifespan. Older opener models, particularly those installed before 1993 may need to be partially updated or completely replaced. We offer safety evaluations as well as opener repair and replacement services. Regular servicing will help to ensure that your door is compliant with current safety regulations, and will also help to identify any opener related malfunctions.

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